… is the science of beauty, the theory of laws and harmony within nature and art.

It is an analysis of beauty which attempts to capture and represent pleasant sensorial objects. Aesthetics is the result of sensory impressions which are experienced individually yet appeal to the majority of people.

‘ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

Healthy and beautiful shiny teeth are crucial for one’s well-being and enhance the favourable impression that one makes on others. By carrying out dental corrections which are, for the most part, minimal the dentist is able to create positive, impressive improvements. Using the most modern dental methods available, the focus is always on achieving perfection.

Aesthetic dental care aims to create visually perfect restoration.

Implementing the latest methods of tretment, aesthetic dental care offers you the best opportunity to achieve targeted improvements in your appearance.

Veneers aus Keramik, Zahnarzt 1010 Wien

There are various possibilities available to correct, in a natural and visually pleasing way,slight irregularities, colour deficiencies or defects caused by tooth decay. One of our routinely-used methods is the application of paper-thin ceramic layers, so-called veneers. These veneers are applied using the latest adhesive technology.

‘Veneers consist of a paper-thin transparent ceramic layer of veneering which is attached to the teeth using adhesive technology.’

These veneers are attached using the latest adhesive techniques, thus rendering minor and major beauty defects a thing of the past. In the meantime it has become possible to apply invisible, unobtrusive , perfectly-fitted ceramic fillings (so-called inlays or outlays) which have been laboratory-produced to replace silvery-grey amalgam fillings.

Aesthetic dental care presupposes a healthy and well looked after dental environment so that, using the skills and resources of the most up-to-date techniques of treatment and dental aesthetics, irregularities can be redressed to the highest possible standard. In order to retain the optimal natural beauty and health of your natural teeth well into old age, careful and regular professional teeth cleaning, carried out by a specially-trained dental hygienist (prophylaxis assistant), is essential.

Mundhygiene Zahnarzt Wien 1010

‘ Beauty: the genius of matter ’

Are you discontented with the present status of your teeth? Do minimal aesthetic irregularities bother you or have you always simply wished for the perfect high-end aesthetic solution to your problems? It is our wish to provide you with the optimal response to your needs and we will make every effort to satisfy your wishes.

Only by gleening sufficient information, giving competent advice and utilizing the most modern methods of treatment can we put into practice the best solution for you.

The whole team at dental spa Vienna is aware of the degree to which it bears responsibility not only towards the high aesthetic expectations of its patients, but also with regard to the durability of the proposed treatment. Following appropriate indication, preference is given to adhesive-attached reconstruction in the form of veneers as opposed to crowns within the area of the front teeth and ceramic inlays or partial crowns are likewise to be preferred within the area of the side teeth.

Within the context of aesthetic dentistry we offer you the following choices:

Full ceramic crowns 

metal-free and aesthetically perfect

For the general public, and also often for dentists, full ceramic crowns are indistinguishable from natural teeth. The main reason for this is that there is no metal support system.

Ceramic veneers

paper-thin and transparent – the diamond amongst the precious stones

A veneer is an extremely thin ceramic layer which is adhered to the natural tooth. Veneers are used for defects in the front tooth area where a composite filling would only provide an insufficiently aesthetic result and a full ceramic crown would involve the loss of too much of the healthy substance of the tooth. Veneers can be optimally adapted to the natural colour of your own teeth making them, as a result, indistinguishable from your other teeth

Ceramic inlay

individually produced to your requirements at the laboratory

Ceramic inlays represent perfect aesthetics, durability and comfort. They represent the first choice for patients wishing for high standards. These can be individually painted by the dental technician and, as such, optimally adapted to the surrounding teeth. A ceramic inlay is essentially more durable than a composite filling.


Aesthetic fillings for front teeth

the invisible filling

The composite layer technique enables you to have fillings without compromising on aesthetics

Composite fillings for the side teet

an important component in the service spectrum of modern dental care

Composite is an artificial material strengthened  by filling materials. Composite fillings are used for minimal tooth defects in both the front and side teeth areas. Composite is generally referred to as an artificial filling

Bleaching (tooth whitening)

Regain your beautiful smile

Beautiful white teeth again by professional tooth whitening. The latest tooth-friendly tooth whitening in only one session. At our practice your teeth will be whitened within an hour using the latest technology. Treat yourself to a winning smile

Orthodontics (brace therapy)

straight teeth guarantee a more beautiful laugh

More and more adults are interested in having perfectly straight teeth. Even in adulthood your teeth can be straightened by brace therapy. We are happy to advise you on permanent braces or invisible braces ( Harmonieschiene aligner) at our dental practice in 1010 Vienna.

Tooth decay can be stopped in its initial stages by  tooth decay infiltration, meaning that healthy tooth substance does not have to be lost.