Areas of specialisationaesthetic dental care
implantology (certificate – implantologist)
2016 - 2019Master of Science in aesthetic, reconstructive dentistry
2016Specialization endodontics, Stuttgart
Practical course on ultrasound surgery, hydro-dynamic cavitation- sinus-lift, Vienna
Alphalign invisible braces, Vienna
2015Trinon Collegium practical course
bone management, implantology, augmentive procedures and sinus-lift, Laos/Vientiane
2014took over the dental practice in 1010 Vienna
2013permission to practice in the subject area of implantology, Stuttgart
2012permission to practice in the area of aesthetic dentistry, Stuttgart
Harmonschiene invisible aligner, Düsseldorf
2012 – 2013Hospitation with leading specialists in the area of implantology and aesthetic dental care
2011Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, Vienna
training diploma from the Austrian Dental Chamber for Orthodontics
2010 - 2013Dental Training Diploma
participation in several technical seminars and in-service training in the field of aesthetic orthodontics
2010Doctor of Dentistry at the School of Medicine, Vienna
PublikationDepartment for Oral Surgery, School of Medicine, Vienna
Age-related efficacy of parathyroid hormone on osseointegration in the rat
Clin Oral Implants Res. 2009 Apr;20(4):400-5.
Memberof the ÖGZMK (organization representing the interestsof dental surgeons)
of the Austrian Society for Implantologisty
of the international implantology team, ITI
of the Austrian Chamber of Dentistry, Vienna