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Full ceramic layers

Veneers are paper-thin transparent layers which are attached to the tooth using an adhesive technique.

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Veneers make for excellent aesthetics and with luminosity  in the ceramics they are indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure. They enable a medicinal and aesthetic therapy which conserves the substance of the teeth. This therapy can, in many cases, replace the preparation of full crowns in the front teeth area.

As a result of our constant search for more gentle methods of treatment for our patients, we are now producing ‘Non-prep-veneers’, so-called ‘enameels’ , in close co-operation with our dental technician. This means that the tooth is not prepared and the veneering layer is adhered to an unfiled  tooth.

An ‘enameel’ is produced on a highly individual basis and creates a pleasing visual appearance. The process is absolutely painfree and the results are simply beautiful!

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Veneers aus Keramik, Zahnarzt 1010 Wien