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The invisible aligner

Beautiful teeth and a bright smile are to be regarded as a gift and are simply acquired with a practically invisible set of braces from Invisalign. False positioning of the teeth is corrected by the Invisalign method which uses a row of aligners which have been individually constructed for you and which are, as a result, highly comfortable to wear. These removable sets of aligners are hardly recognisable when worn because they are completely transparent. Every fortnight a new set of aligners is inserted and your teeth move progressively to the required end-position.

Why is Clear Aligner the world-wide ideal alternative to traditional braces?

Comfortable, transparent and easily removable, Clear Aligner guarantees an improvement in your smile without any hindrances in your daily life. Three million people all over the world have discovered the above-mentioned advantages. No metal wires or bands to cause discomfort in your mouth and, best of all, no-one will notice that you are wearing braces.

  • Removable: the clear aligner braces can be removed at mealtimes or, for example, on special occasions. You can also take them out in order to have a drink or to carry out dental care.
  • Transparent: clear aligner is almost invisible so that hardly anyone will notice that you are undergoing treatment.
  • Efficient: even before the treatment has been completed your smile will have become more attractive. The straightening process begins with your first set of aligners.
  • Made-to-measure: each set is individually produced to your requirements.
  • Comfortable: the invisible braces are very comfortable because they do not, in contrast to traditional braces, contain metal wires and brackets that can cause discomfort.
Clear Aligner - unsichtbare Zahnspangen

The ADVANTAGES of the Clear Aligner method.

How this modern version of traditional braces can improve your oral health.

The latest computer technology offers you an innovation that previous generations of brace-wearers would have wished for – an invisible, removable, comfortable and metal-free set of braces.

In contrast to traditional methods of tooth correction, the complete orthodontic treatment is planned three-dimensionally and in advance by the computer.

Your advantage: you can already see before the beginning of your treatment how this treatment will progress and what the end-results will be.

You can co-operate with us to decide whether you like what is planned or whether there are any alterations that you would wish for. Only when you are satisfied with the prospective end-product will the production of your clear aligner set begin. Wearing the clear aligner set means that your teeth will be moved into the desired positions.

HEALTHY GUMS – the plastic set of aligners is particularly gentle to your teeth and gums.

The health of your gums can be improved by using the Invisalign method in the context of orthodontic treatment. Teeth that have been corrected can enable the gums to give better support to each tooth which can, in turn, lead to better paradontal health. With the clear aligner method you can continue normally with the care of your teeth which is naturally an advantage for the health of your teeth during the treatment.

The invisible plastic set of aligners is especially kind to your teeth and gums.

At our dental practice in Vienna we will gladly provide you with more information and advice on matters concerning the Harmonieschiene aligner or other alternatives offered by modern orthodontics. In close cooperation with our orthodontists we will help you to achieve your goal.

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